NDIS Audit Support

A little support, or a lot.
Solve problems and reduce disruption — before, during and after audits — with PQplus Audit Support.

“We received a FANTASTIC result… thanks to all the resources, guidance and expert knowledge PQplus provided.”

PQplus NDIS Audit Support

Even experienced organisations overlook things. A fresh pair of trained eyes are invaluable.

Let us assist you throughout your NDIS audit process with a customised program to help you stay NDIS registered. The sooner we start working together, the more we can accomplish.

Simply contact PQplus to discuss the best strategy for your organisation.

Before NDIS Audits

Before your NDIS audit, talk to PQplus about:

  • Policy Checks — ensure your policy documentation reflects the requirements of relevant legislation and NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework
  • Internal audits — a remotely conducted ‘practice run’ that reviews your Quality System to identify possible issues.
  • Online training — Take control with Practical Audit Prep Learn what auditors expect to see and address every NDIS requirement. 

During NDIS Audits

PQplus helps NDIS providers through the audit process. We coach staff through every step of the process, show them how to locate and prepare evidence, and build their capacity to manage audits in the future.

After NDIS Audits

If your audit identifies non-conformances, we can help you prepare a workable Corrective Action Plan, and develop systems to keep your organisation compliant.


What people say about PQplus Audit Support

Great support and responses to help prepare for NDIS Audit. Have used PQ Plus for 2 years now to assist in audit preparation and their support has been extremely beneficial.

“We decided to engage PQplus again for our NDIS Mid-Term Audit, and we can confidently say, we have no regrets! We received a FANTASTIC result and this was thanks to all the resources, guidance and expert knowledge PQplus provided to us. Thank you to Susan who is highly experienced and such a wonderful consultant to work with. Thank you PQ Plus for always helping us to success!!!”

All services have been excellent — well priced, rapid response to requests, thorough attention to detail and willing to politely challenge practice and assumptions. We think you rock!

We are very pleased with the quality of your services and have recommended your company to a few of our stakeholders who would benefit from the great service PQ Plus provides.

The last module we got from you (Early Childhood) the auditor even commented on how well that was presented, she really liked it, but overall she liked the whole document.

So once again, thank you so much, you’re amazing!