Quality Management for NDIS providers

PQplus helps NDIS service providers to manage compliance more effectively. We know what is required and what works best.
That means more confidence and less stress.

…we were assisted step by step (Admin Team at MMIC Services)

“I wish I had of known of PQplus earlier, this is exactly what we were looking for and needed. We were assisted step by step in becoming registered through the NDIS complex processes.

We are so grateful with the ongoing support and patience provided by PQplus throughout this stressful time for us.”

Our approach is simple: PQplus supplies the tools you need, and shows you how to use them. No more feeling isolated; no more guesswork; no more wasted energy. 

…get in touch if you value your time, energy and business service standards." (Jane Robotham)

"I sought the services of PQplus after many months of attempting to navigate the NDIS registration process on my own. I found the process frustrating and incredibly difficult, and was about to abandon the registration. I felt instant relief after contacting PQplus, who helped provide me with the guidance, support and appropriate documentation to complete my application in a compliant, timely and stress free manner. I highly recommend you get in touch if you value your time, energy and business service standards." 

The PQplus team wants your business to succeed and provide great services. We can show you how Quality Management can help your business grow.

…the support and relationship continued. (Liban Yusuf, INCLUSIVE HOME CARE)

“What I have found most useful with PQPLUS+ service is the continuous support available, even after they have assisted us become an NDIS registered provider, the support and relationship continued. …and what stood out about PQPLUS+ is the honesty and integrity which is something we value. All in all, the service we have received was value for money and I will not hesitate in recommending PQPLUS+ to anyone because I have first-handedly experienced their exceptional customer service and support system that they have in place for those who want to make a difference and achieve their business goals.

Our Commitment to Providers

Practical solutions to real problems faced by providers.

Cost-effective services that represent genuine value for money.

Comprehensive solutions
rather than partial fixes.

products and services.