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Thinking NDIS Compliance

Keep up to date. Our blog explores current Quality and compliance issues. When important changes happen in the NDIS landscape, we think it through with you. In plain English, of course!

NDIS Provider Tools and Materials

PQplus is always looking for ways to help providers get on top of their NDIS compliance. Check out our shop for updates and courses!

NDIS Quality links

Links to useful information for providers

Online Training for Quality Managers

With Practical Audit Prep you'll learn Quality Management while preparing for your audit. Together, we'll tick off all the requirements for NDIS Certification against the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module. 10 steps to full compliance!

Online Training for Frontline Managers

NDIS Quality in Practice helps managers and coordinators understand their roles in managing NDIS Quality and compliance. 8 modules, video tutorials and handbook, and practical projects to bring the whole team onboard.