Managing stress on the NDIS frontline

Can Quality Management help manage workplace stress and prevent burnout? It depends. Quality can address some major causes of stress — but it’s not magic.  If Quality isn’t supported by the organisational culture, it can be hard to get started. You need as many people onside as possible. Luckily, that's what good managers do. This article offers some strategies (it's…

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Ready or not!

New NDIS Practice Standards 2021— What changed? What to do?

UPDATED 22/11/2021. The NDIS Practice Standards 2021 (Version 4) surprised us with quite a lot of new material — about 43% more indicators in the Core Module. To help you get a handle on the new requirements we put together our version of the Practice Standards 2021, highlighting all the changes so you know exactly what’s changed — at a…


5 Reasons to think about ILO Management

Thinking of setting up an NDIS Individualised Living Options (ILO) project? We suggest you think again — consider what you need to manage an ILO. And set up a suitable management system before starting the project. Here’s five reasons to think about NDIS ILO management — and news about a whole-of-project ILO toolkit. 1. NDIS ILOs are long-term supports All…



...or how to complete an NDIS provider self-assessment. The NDIS Core Module questions can seem very abstract or even irrelevant. New providers might wonder how they can answer the questions when they haven’t been providing services or don’t even have clients. The simple explanation is that the Core Module questions are not about how well, or how frequently, you deliver…

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Have we finally learned the importance of risk management?

A lesson in Risk Management for NDIS providers.

According to an ABC news story, a Victorian abattoir avoided a coronavirus outbreak after a contagious inspector visited their facility. The headline reads: “Meatworks may have dodged bullet by ignoring official advice.” While there’s some truth in that, ignoring advice doesn’t avoid problems. Here's what actually happened: the meatworks took responsibility for managing risk. NDIS providers need to do the…


NDIS Providers and COVID-19

We’ve been looking for a way to support you at this very uncertain time without adding to the noise. There is so much information about COVID 19 – and too little.  Things seem to change so quickly, yet too slowly. Please use trusted information sources (such as government websites) to keep up to date. In this blog we discuss: What…

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Becoming an NDIS provider: where do I start?

How to become an NDIS service provider

Do you want to become an NDIS service provider? There are still opportunities to make a difference in your life and your community. In fact, this might be the best time start an NDIS business. Here's an easy introduction. Why register as an NDIS Provider? The NDIS marketplace is still growing rapidly and there is still a need for expertise.…

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NDIS Audits can be a puzzle.


The NDIS Quality and compliance system can seem confusing. And then there's audits! We hope this FAQ sheet will help clear things up a little. What are the NDIS Practice Standards? The NDIS Practice Standards are the standards against which NDIS providers are audited, with different ‘Modules’ to encompass the variety of services provided in the NDIS marketplace. The Standards…

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Tip: Make sure there's tasks on your list before ticking things off!

NDIS Compliance and Quality Management

Quality Management is a business philosophy that became influential in the last half of the twentieth century. The NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework is grounded in the business philosophy called (Total) Quality Management (TQM). Many TQM principles are built into the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. Providers who understand Quality Management techniques will likely find NDIS compliance easier. This…