For anyone designing an ILO home and living project:

NDIS Participants, Support Coordinators, ILO Providers


ILO MANAGEMENT KIT — Tools for the whole ILO journey

Designed by experts to save other experts weeks of work

  • ILO WORKBOOK — Tools for each step process. (Excel)

Design — Explore the possibilities; assess risks, strengths and needs; design the supports, estimate costs, collect the right data for a successful Service Proposal.

Implement — It’s all about teamwork. Know your team and keep them up-to-date — including training, info about risks, roles, agreements and much more.

Review — Improve supports and the living arrangement — year after year — and create a project history. Of course, there are also prompts for risk and training reviews too.

  • ILO POLICY & PROCEDURE — A clear procedure to guide staff step by step. (MS Word)

Host, Mentor & Housemate Register — Keep track of recruitment. Store data about applicants and homes, experience, police checks and much more. (Excel)

Home Safety & Wellbeing Checklist —  Go beyond WH&S and think about home as an emotionally safe and nurturing space. (MS Word)

Agreement Templates — Make sure everyone understands their rights and obligations — including your Quality and Safeguarding obligations as an ILO Provider. Five templates for agreements between the NDIS Participant, ILO Provider, Host and Housemate. (MS Word)


3 reviews for ILO MANAGEMENT KIT

  1. Gemma

    “I want to congratulate you on this work, it’s fantastic.
    The policy is well thought-out and highlights the steps in a clear concise manner, which is easily understood for an organisation that hasn’t been providing ILO support. The agreements are clear, precise and easy to understand.
    If support coordinators used this kit for referrals, a lot of the initial work would be complete — it would be absolutely fantastic.
    The kit would certainly assist in ensuring a good success rate of the living option (ILO). It would also decrease the time from referral to placement as the risks have been identified and solutions already thought about.
    It’s practical, very well thought out and user friendly.” Gemma Campbell — Family Support WA

  2. Greg

    “It’s a great resource. ILO Host, Mentor and Housemate Register: Terrific! ILO Toolkit Workbook: Terrific! ILO Policy and Procedure: Terrific!
    I wish I could write formal docs in plain English like you do!”
    Greg Barry, Principal Consultant and Founder, SDA Services

  3. Irene Clelland

    The ILO Management Kit is well thought out, well written and easy to use, for service providers and for people who purchase services. Our team have already started to use the kit with great success!

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