An essential part of your NDIS audit preparation.

PQplus Internal Audits save time, reduce stress, build confidence and capability.

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PQplus Internal Audits identify compliance gaps, weak points, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Quality Document Review: Policies and Forms
  • Governance and Operational Management: Implementation and Compliance
  • Full HR Compliance Review.
  • Client Files: Compliance and Implementation
  • Corrective Action Plan Review (Outstanding Tasks)

Internal Audit Checklist

The first steps towards Audit success

Internal Audit Report

Includes: Document Mapping — Compliance Gap Analysis — Staff File Audit — Client File Audit — Action Plan

Audit-ready Action Plan

A clear pathway to compliance

Debrief, Consultation and Coaching

We explain the audit findings and recommendations, answer your questions, and make sure you know what to do, and how to do it.


internal AUDITS

…and the
PQplus Internal Audit Service

Internal Audits reduce risks, maximise outcomes, and ensure compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards and legislative requirements relevant to your business.

Internal Audits make sure an organisation’s documentation is up-to-date, sufficient, and well-implemented.

Internal Audits are required in the NDIS Practice Standards, Core Module. If you are audited under the Certification Pathway, you need to conduct internal audits.

Not officially… but more and more unregistered providers are seeing the benefits of Quality Management. For them, polices and audits help them provide great services and compete in a market where registered providers demonstrate greater commitment to participant rights and safety.

Internal Audits reduce risk and identify opportunities for improvement — so they’re part of good business practice. They also reduce the stress of External Audits by establishing healthy systems, healthy routines, and better equipped personnel.
Outsourcing your Internal Audit offers further advantages. The PQplus team engages with Auditing Bodies and the broader community sector, giving us the experience and resources to create solutions that fit your organisation perfectly. We focus on building capacity and equipping managers to stay on top of their Quality and compliance responsibilities.

SAVE TIME: PQplus Internal Audits do much of the heavy lifting. Why commit resources that are better used elsewhere?
END PROCRASTINATION: Every task is easier if you know where to start! Easier still if you know where you are heading. PQplus Internal Audits a clear map of what needs to be done and how to do it.
GREATER CAPACITY: PQplus Internal Audits give staff an opportunity to work alongside an expert and develop a deeper understanding of their own systems and the NDIS requirements.
STRONGER SYSTEMS: PQplus Internal Audits reduce risk and promote meaningful improvement. That equals safer services and better outcomes.
MORE CONFIDENCE: Reduce risk, ensure compliance, support management staff, and stay in control of NDIS compliance.
AUDIT SUCCESS: Whether ‘success’ means less stress, fewer wasted resources, a stronger team, or fewer non-conformances — we support it.

All NDIS providers can conduct their own internal audits.
Many businesses owners value the benefits of outsourced expertise. Internal Audits require an extensive knowledge of the NDIS Practice Standards, relevant legislation, and community sector Quality Management. That’s why we’re here to help!

Internal Audits reduce risks. The more risk involved, the more frequently you should conduct audits.
Internal Audits work best if conducted regularly and systematically. Work from an Internal Audit Schedule, break up the tasks — everything from governance and operational management to service delivery — and attend to them routinely between your external audits.

Certain events naturally demand that providers review their Quality System:
1. INCIDENTS: Significant incidents or complaints may trigger relevant local reviews or an organisation-wide audit.
2. EXTERNAL AUDIT: They’re a great way to prepare your staff and systems, especially if conducted midway in the NDIS registration cycle.
3. MANAGING CHANGE: Any time there’s a significant change, Internal Audits can help reduce the risks and maximise the improvement gains. It might be changes in legislation, best practice, the size of the organisation, or the complexity of the supports it provides.
4. BUSINESS PLANNING: Internal Audits provide invaluable data when planning major changes. If your organisation is moving in a new direction, a PQplus Internal Audit will make sure your documentation is fully relevant and up-to-speed.

What providers say about

PQplus Internal Audit Service

Great service. Will be using again in the future.

— Chris Stan — Best Disability Support

We are very pleased with the quality of your services and have recommended your company to a few of our stakeholders who would benefit from the great service PQplus provides.

— Julius Adeosun — MH&R

We felt highly supported and encouraged throughout the course of our audit preparation. Susan and Dani were extremely thorough and hands-on in their approach to answering questions and trouble shooting situations.
It was amazing having Susan speak directly to our team for learning and reassurance purposes, as this was our first full audit process.

— Lisa & Ross Archer — Strong Minds Psychology

Everyone can have an NDIS Quality guru on their team.

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