Audit Guide: Working with the NDIS Practice Standards

This popular guide has been withdrawn for updating and improvement

A practical guide to NDIS Certification audits.


Get audit-ready now!

Manage compliance efficiently and effectively.

A step-by-step commentary on the NDIS requirements — plus tips, hints, tools and time-saving templates.

Section One

  • Introduction to the NDIS Practice Standards
  • Quality Management – what it is, how it works and how to manage compliance
  • Certification Audits – what to expect, how to prepare and why start early.


Section Two

  • Commentary for each of the NDIS Practice Standards (Core Module)
  • Strategies for thinking through, and working with, the Standards
  • Generating evidence of compliance every day
  • Examples of evidence and useful tips.


Included in the pack:

  • Working with the NDIS Practice Standards: Core Module Audit Guide
  • Pre-self-assessment Checklist
  • Audit Preparation Starter Kit
  • Self-assessment Prompts
  • NDIS Practice Standards – Core Module Self-Assessment template
  • Continuous Improvement Plan template


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