NDIS Certification (Core Module): PRACTICAL AUDIT PREP

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Welcome! Practical Audit Prep is a complete NDIS compliance training program. As the name says, it’s a practical course. You’ll build an effective NDIS compliance system using the tools provided. And you’ll know how to use it to pass Cerfication Audits.

Practical Audit Prep is a step-by-step guide. Ten lesson modules walk you through the why, what and how of NDIS Quality Management. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have a practical understanding of:

  • NDIS Quality Management Systems
  • The NDIS Practice Standards (Core Module)
  • How to conduct self-assessments and internal audits
  • How to prepare your Quality Management System for audit.
  • How to make your System more effective and efficient.
  • How to identify and solve Quality problems.