PQplus QUALITY UPDATE PACK | July 2019 — Nov 2021


Fully update your Quality System to comply with the NDIS Practice Standards v.4 (November 2021) and changes since July 2019. Available only to PQplus clients. Only relevant to PQplus Quality Systems.




Policy updates (Nov 2021 Standards)

The following policies are affected by these changes to the Standards:

  • Governance Policy and Procedure
  • Risk Management Policy and Procedure
  • Human Resources Policy and Procedure
  • Assessment, Planning and Review Policy and Procedure
  • Service Delivery Policy and Procedure
  • Providing Information, Advice and Referral Policy and Procedure
  • Working in Client Homes Policy and Procedure


Complete policies (Nov 2021 Standards):

  • Client Healthcare Management Policy and Procedure (new policy)
  • Mealtime Management Policy and Procedure (new policy)
  • Fire Safety, Emergency and Disaster Management Policy and Procedure (completely updated and content replaced)
  • Infection Control Policy and Procedure (completely updated and content replaced)
  • High Intensity Care Policy and Procedure (completely updated and content replaced)


Other policy changes included in these updates:

  • Introduction of the NDIS Worker Screening Checks, including updates to Transitional and Acceptable Checks (from Feb 2021)
  • Restrictive practices and behaviour support, including application and authorisation arrangements for children and young people (May 2021)
  • Updated Preventing and Responding to Abuse, Exploitation, and Neglect Policy and Procedure (May 2021)
  • Updated Medication Management Policy and Procedure (July 2021)
  • Updated NDIS Cancellation Policy and Procedure (May 2021)
  • Updated Support Coordination Policy and Procedure (August 2021)
  • State and territory specific updates including:
    • Reportable Conduct Schemes in NSW, Victoria (Aug 2020), and ACT (Oct 2021)
    • Victorian Disability Workers Commission (June 2020)


New and updated forms (Nov 2021 Standards)

A number of client forms have now been consolidated into the Client Journey Workbook. It covers Intake, Assessment, Risk Assessment, Support Planning, Crisis Planning, Healthcare Support Planning and Transition/Exit. In case your organisation isn’t ready to adopt the Client Journey Workbook, we’ve also included individual forms.

Forms included in this pack:

  • Staff Details Form
  • HR Compliance Database
  • NDIS Service Agreement
  • Risk Register Template
  • Team Meeting Agenda
  • Emergency and Disaster Plan Template
  • Client Journey Workbook
  • Client File Directory
  • Participants Who Live Alone Supported By Sole Worker Register
  • Support Coordination Service Agreement template


Other new and updated forms including:

  • New Community-Group Activity Risk Assessment
  • New Client consent re: money and property
  • New Consent Form for Use of Images
  • New Home Safety Checklist
  • New Staff Policy Acknowledgement Form
  • New Pre-Employment Collection Form
  • Updated Incident Form updated
  • Updated Incident Register
  • Updated Continuous Improvement Plan template
  • Updated Complaints Register template
  • Updated Internal Audit Checklist
  • Updated Role Risk Assessment
  • Updated Medication Administration Form
  • Updated Client Consent Form
  • Updated Support Coordination Consent Form
  • Additional forms to support medication management
  • New Sleep and Behaviour Chart (Module 2A only)
  • New Participants Who Live Alone Supported By Sole Worker Register


Finally, some forms you won’t need if you use the Client Journey Workbook:

  • Updated Client Risk Assessment
  • New No Response Plan Form
  • Updated Client Exit Form
  • Updated Client Support Plan


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