Online Audit Prep Workshops

Get audit-ready with confidence

— 90 minute online workshops
— One workshop per week
— 4 weeks
— Max class size: 8
— Cost: $625 (GST INC)

— Reference materials in plain English
— Structured content delivered in-person by video-conference
— ‘take home’ audit prep tasks
— Quality Management tools and know-how

Master your Quality Management system.
Work with a Quality expert via video-link. The workshops blend structured content, advice, discussion, and practical exercises. We'll provide the tools and show you how to use them.
 Learn what the NDIS requires and how to prepare for audit like a pro. Work on your  organisation’s Quality systems, put solutions in place, and benefit from small-group discussions.

Manage risk, demonstrate understanding and consent, encourage and record participation, manage incidents and conduct self-assessments.

Kick start your audit preparations:
— “Every day, in every way”: establish a Continuous Improvement Plan and begin checking off tasks immediately!
— Get comfortable with Risk: conduct risks assessments and establish a comprehensive Risk Management System.
— Present the evidence: Learn how audit evidence works and how to generate it efficiently.
— Hack your Information system: correctly obtaining consent, managing information and demonstrating understanding needn’t be difficult!
— Turn complaints into positive outcomes: learn how feedback and complaints provide evidence of good management.
— Get it right: the tools and know-how to get Incident Management right.
— Now you’re a long way through the self-assessment process – keep going!

I have attempted to prepare for the NDIS commission audit for a while, but only really understood what and how I should be doing this after completing this course. I have gained so much understanding and insight into what the auditors will be expecting.

The Audit Workshops helped me with preparing for my upcoming NDIS registration. The daunting world of governance and compliance became more achievable, after hearing what auditors look for during the audit process, from Clarissa who is an NDIS auditor herself.  I especially found the practical examples provided by Clarissa very useful and easy to implement into Links2Community’s processes and procedures to meet governance and compliance requirements as well as to ensure that Links2Comunity will be able to provide quality services to NDIS participants. The workshop content is presented in a simple easy to understand format and language.  The sessions were not too packed with content, which gave plenty of time to ask questions and discuss organisational issues etc.  I highly recommend this workshop to new and existing organisations.

... I’ve been participating in many Webinars to prepared for the NDIS Q&S Certification.  I found PQplus’ Workshop was very good. Clarisa the presenter was wonderful in sharing her knowledge about what is required.  The Workshops were well-paced and interactive, and at any time as a participant, I was encouraged to ask questions.

PQplus Audit Prep Workshops aren't just for audits. They will help all NDIS providers get the most out of their Quality systems — and avoid stress too! Please, don't leave your preparations until it's too late!  Class sizes are small and places are limited, so register now!

Gap Analyses and Document Reviews

Ensure your documents are compatible with the NDIS requirements Continuing providers, Allied Heath professionals and others need to ensure their existing policies and procedures are accurate and relevant under the NDIS Standards.

PQplus has a team of specialists in Aged Care, Allied Health, disability and mental health. They can review the existing documents and recommend the changes needed to bring policies into compliance with NDIS Standards.

Simply contact PQplus. We can discuss your needs and provide an obligation-free quote.

On-going Assistance — PQpacks

Expert Quality Management from less than 1/3 day equivalent! 

The NDIS is complex and fast-changing. PQpacks provide peace of mind for NDIS and Aged Care providers needing more assistance than our online Audit Prep Workshops provide. PQpacks offer hands-on guidance month-by-month.

There's a PQpack to suit all sized organisations at an affordable price. PQpacks address all the essential Quality Management requirements. And they're flexible, so the help you need is available without extra expense. 

We'll analyse your Quality system and set up a program to suit your organisation. They take care of the day-to-day work: updating continuous improvement processes, and provide regular reports, advice and training... and more. They'll be there when the audit arrives (and celebrate your success when it's complete!).

PQpacks cost less than managing Quality yourself, and are far less stressful. They'll help you understand Quality Management, meet your compliance needs, achieve your Quality goals, and stay audit-ready.  

Sound interesting? Contact us to find out more.

Less Stress — avoid the uncertainty of the NDIS and Aged Care regulatory environment. Rely on expertise.

Lower Costs — PQpacks are affordable and help reduce other costs — no desk, no office, no down time!

Efficiency — your PQplus expert has the tools and experience needed. And PQplus training and mentoring helps staff understand the Quality Management process and get behind it.

Market Advantage — real support and expert advice. PQplus Quality Managers are a dedicated resource, allowing your staff to concentrate on what they do best.

Risk Minimisation — in the NDIS and Aged Care operating environments, managing risk is critical: risk to clients, staff, the organisation. PQpacks help you manage risk, and provide support where issues are identified.

Better Outcomes — free up staff to deliver services while PQplus helps you stay ahead of NDIS, state and Commonwealth compliance requirements.