NDIS Registration Support for new providers

PQplus works with providers step-by-step to make NDIS Provider Registration a whole lot easier. And more effective.

“You made a very overwhelming process much easier for me.”

PQplus Provider Registration Assistance

Clarify NDIS Registration Groups

Apply for the NDIS Registration Groups that suit your qualifications and experience. It could save you frustration and money later.

Prepare NDIS Quality Systems

PQplus tailors NDIS Policies and processes to your business, with room for growth. They're written in clear language, in line with current best practice and with NDIS Quality and Safeguards requirements.

Provide NDIS Compliance Tools

Provider Registration Assistance includes the forms and tools you need. And we'll explain how to use them to stay on track for audits.

Analyse NDIS Expertise

We help you identify the qualifications and expertise staff need to provide your services, explain the Worker Screening process and provide risk assessment tools.

Prepare NDIS Self-Assessment

Your NDIS self-assessment and application is the first step towards audit, so we'll make sure it's done right.

Tips for Registering as an NDIS Provider

  1. Start your application through the NDIS Commission website. At each step, follow the links from the registration webpage.
  2. The application form asks about your key personnel (who are they), where you provide services, and the registration groups in which you wish to provide supports.
    TIP: Tick only the registration groups you intend to deliver within the next 12 months and active service delivery sites. The number of registration groups and sites does affect how large your audit may be — and the cost! If you plan to expand your services, or service delivery sites, you can add these later.
  3. The application will highlight the NDIS Practice Standards ‘Modules’ relevant to the registration groups you selected. Show how your policies and processes meet the objectives in each relevant standard.  You’ll need to understand how your Quality System works.
    TIP: Our publication Core Module Audit Guide: Working with the NDIS Practice Standards will help you understand your Quality System and how to answer the self-assessment questions.
    TIP: If you don’t have policies in place, now is the time! Get in contact with us.
  4. In the final step, the application asks for attachments.
    TIP: Attach your policies here.
    TIP: Make sure to press submit! (Nope, not kidding)
  5. Once submitted, you will automatically receive a ‘Scope of Audit’ letter.
    TIP: Errors sometimes occur, so check the details. You’ll need the letter throughout the audit process, so keep a copy where you can easily find it.
  6. The approved auditing companies are listed on the Commission’s website. Send one or more companies your ‘Scope of Audit’ letter to obtain a quote.
    TIP: You are establishing a working relationship. Don’t just consider the auditors’ fees. That said, prices may vary widely.

What providers say about PQplus Registration Support

Really grateful to PQ Plus and their quality of service. From the beginning, it felt stress free and do-able. They walk you through everything and are helpful with all the questions you have. Thank you to Susan and the team!

The service from Susan Hawkins was excellent. We just passed our NDIS audit and we are very grateful for her patient explanation of a process that was completely unfamiliar and not a little scary for us. I have already recommended her service to another person.

I wish I had of known of Susan Hawkins from PQ Plus earlier, this is exactly what we were looking for and needed. We were assisted step by step in becoming registered through the NDIS complex processes.

We are so grateful with the ongoing support and patience provided by PQplus throughout this stressful time for us.

Most grateful, Admin Team at MMIC Services

…thank you so much for making the process of registering with the NDIS easy. You were able to guide me through the steps required to lodge my application and your communication was fantastic. You supported my business by developing user-friendly, detailed documentation. You were able to tell me what to expect throughout the process and the timelines you provided for each step along the way were spot on. ​You were wonderful to work with and I’m looking forward to having your support to ensure my business meets the requirements for the NDIS into the future.

Many thanks, 
Sally Petersen
Outcomes Connect

Service and product was exceptional! You made a very overwhelming process much easier for me.

Susan was caring supportive, professional and prompt. Thank you for your assistance, Susan, I would definitely recommend Susan and PQplus to anyone needing assistance to register as a provider with the NDIS .

Your services are very professional and intelligently researched. You are very much in touch with your clients and very current with the NDIS latest updates. Our organisation will most likely never go to any other consultant unless our needs are not within your profession.

Our Commitment to NDIS Providers

PQplus strives to create practical and cost-effective solutions that help providers get the most from managing their NDIS compliance obligations, with more confidence and less stress. We want your business to succeed and provide great services. We can show you how Quality Management can help you do that.

Practical solutions to real problems faced by providers.

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