NDIS registration Renewal

PQplus smooths the NDIS Provider Registration and Renewal processes: document gap analysis, compliance and Quality support, internal and external audit assistance, and training. 

“…what stood out about PQplus is the honesty and integrity”

Transition to the NDIS

Move to the NDIS with confidence. With experience across the sector, we understand the challenges involved. And we’ve developed cost-effective ways to meet them. Our support includes:

  • Ensuring your documentation and systems comply with the NDIS Practice Standards
  • Ensuring staff understand the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding requirements
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Advising on external audits
  • Providing Compliance Training

Document Reviews and Gap Analyses

Ensure your existing documentation complies with the NDIS Practice Standards. PQplus can analyse your policies and procedures and identify where updates are needed to meet specific NDIS requirements.

Quality Management Systems

Make sure your Quality Management System (QMS) is generating appropriate evidence for audit. We can help you establish a QMS suitable to your organisation's scope and services.

Online Compliance and Quality Training

Ensure your organisation acquires the skills it needs to efficiently manage Quality and audit preparation. Our Practical Audit Prep training program makes sure you're fully prepared.

NDIS Qualifications Check

Ensure your staff hold the qualifications required to deliver specific services under the NDIS requirements. Just contact us.

NDIS Audit Support

PQplus can assist your organisation before and during its NDIS audit, to reduce audit costs and solve audit problems. We've experienced audits from all sides. Prior to audits, PQplus can help in so many ways: training, internal audit assistance, gap analysis and document reviews, or advice. Get help early; reduce stress and disruption. If your audit uncovers problems, you can trust us to help you solve them. We help providers to master Quality Management and avoid problems in the future. Simply contact PQplus to discuss the best strategy for your organisation.

NDIS Self-Assessment Support

We work with you to complete your organisation’s self-assessment with regard to your Quality Management System. It's just part of our Provider Registration Assistance. Contact us.

Tips for Renewing NDIS Provider Registration

  1. EXPIRY DATE: There is an expiry date on your registration certificate issued by the NDIS Commission. You must commence your renewal application by the expiry date. You then have 9 months in which to complete the application, and go through the audit.
    TIP: The clock starts ticking as soon as you start the renewal. To maximise your preparation time, wait until just before your expiry date to commence your renewal.
  2. NDIS REGISTRATION GROUPS: The renewal application asks about your key personnel (who they are and their qualifications where required), where you provide services, and what registration groups you wish to be approved for.
    TIP: Tick only the registration groups you intend on delivering in the next 12 months. List only the sites you are actually operating. The number of registration groups and sites does affect how large your audit may be (and how much it costs)! You can always expand your registration groups and sites later.
  3. NDIS PRACTICE STANDARDS: Based on the registration groups you select, the application will highlight the relevant ‘Modules’ from the NDIS Practice Standards. You need to provide a response to each relevant standard — your responses should be based on the policies and processes you have in place. Honestly, this can be difficult. Working with the NDIS Practice Standards: Core Module Audit Guide (link below) helps you make sense of it all. It includes a commentary and useful tools.
    TIP: If you don’t have policies in place, now is the time! Get in contact with PQplus to learn how we can help.
  4. ONLINE FORM: Following the self-assessment, the application asks for attachments. Attach your policies here. Press submit!
  5. AUDITORS: Once submitted, you will automatically receive a ‘Scope of Audit’ letter that you need to provide to potential auditors for a quote.

    TIP: Approach one or more of the approved auditing companies for a quote. The working relationship you will likely have with an auditor is an important factor to consider.

  6. EVIDENCE: Make sure that your organisation is collecting evidence for each relevant NDIS Practice Standards indicator. It’s best to start several months before a Stage 2 audit so that you can demonstrate a history of compliance and continuous improvement. Our guide Working with the NDIS Practice Standards: Core Module Audit Guide explains how your systems can generate and capture evidence for each indicator in the NDIS Practice Standards.

What providers say about PQplus Registration Support

I wish I had of known of Susan Hawkins from PQ Plus earlier, this is exactly what we were looking for and needed. We were assisted step by step in becoming registered through the NDIS complex processes.

We are so grateful with the ongoing support and patience provided by PQplus throughout this stressful time for us.

Most grateful Admin Team at MMIC Services

What I have found most useful with PQPLUS+ service is the continuous support available, even after they have assisted us become an NDIS registered provider, the support and relationship continued. …and what stood out about PQplus is the honesty and integrity which is something we value. All in all, the service we have received was value for money and I will not hesitate in recommending PQplus to anyone because I have first-handedly experienced their exceptional customer service and support system that they have in place for those who want to make a difference and achieve their business goals.

We are so thankful for your support along to way to rectify our non-conformances against the recent audit we had for NDIS. (…) we are now fully conforming against the NDIS Practice Standards. We believe this was thanks to you!
You have been so professional along the way, always responsive and helpful, extremely organised, all the characteristics to score us 100%.
We are so glad to have chosen PQplus Consulting as our preferred consultant, and again we chose PQplus because of your approachable, informative and quick nature in settling an agreed work on our initial phone conversation. We cannot recommend PQplus Consulting enough to others. We look forward to more business with you.

Kind Regards, Nilli Gunler

Aged Care & Disability Manager