Online NDIS Compliance Training

Practical Audit Prep is:

  • A step by step guide to full compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module.  
  • A comprehensive online NDIS compliance and Quality training program.
  • A hands-on guide to building, using and maintaining an NDIS compliance system.
  • Addresses all compliance requirements in the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module.
  • Provides the tools and know-how to manage compliance and pass NDIS audits.
  • Shows you how to set up and manage the compliance processes assessed at audit.
  • Learn to manage compliance confidently
  • Train staff in NDIS Compliance Management.
  • Fully prepare for audit – address all NDIS requirements

All providers of HIGH RISK SUPPORTS requiring Certification Audits against the NDIS Practice Standards Core Module.
(See HIGH RISK SUPPORTS in our blog post: https://pqplus.com.au/become-an-ndis-provider/)

  • Practical Audit Prep works with many learning styles, using videos, text, projects and quizzes.
  • Practical Audit Prep explains what the NDIS requires in plain English.
  • Practical Audit Prep uses simple but effective tools.

Absolutely! No experience necessary!

Practical Audit Prep is designed to teach NDIS Quality Management from the ground up… and from start to finish. That means we show you how to set up processes, maintain them and prepare them for audit. And it means you’ll take care of every NDIS requirement.

Practical Audit Prep will help experienced community sector Quality Managers or business owners:

  • ensure Core Module compliance – we’ve created some useful checklists and tools
  • explain the audit process and requirements to colleagues       
  • train staff and enlist management and worker support
  • make Quality Management processes more effective and efficient.
  • Practical Audit Prep does not include policies and procedures – please contact us if you need policies.

Good question! It’s difficult to say, but we can say:

  • It depends on your Quality Management experience, current compliance system and organisation size.
  • We estimate you’ll need between 5 – 10 days to absorb the content and complete the projects.
  • Let’s say ‘one day per month’ over the 12-month subscription period.
  • Practical Audit Prep is a genuine training program including comprehensive training and practical projects – it’s worth putting in your time and effort!
  • You set the pace. Practical Audit Prep takes as long as you need. It’s your guide to compliance management and will work alongside you.
  • Actually, you’ll probably save time by preparing efficiently and avoiding disruption at audit. You’ll know exactly what to do, and when you’ve done enough.

ONLINE: Unrestricted access to the videos, Handbook, projects, quizzes and certificate for 12 months from the registration date.  

DOWNLOAD: The Resource Packs must be downloaded. All supplied tools are yours to keep.

You can receive a Certificate of Completion by answering all questions correctly on the Final Quiz.

Absolutely! Practical Audit Prep is a great training tool. So please contact us to arrange concessions for 2 or more students.